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Monday, June 28, 2010
LiLo TV...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
I still think Revenge Of The Sith was pretty good...

Friday, July 2, 2010
And if the drone of the vuvuzelas don't put you to sleep, you might even be awake when it happens...

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June 28, 2010: Mitch: Lindsay Lohan is trying to get a reality show. Al: The Amazing Waste? Mitch: America's Next Top Drunkard? Jon And Kate Plus 8-Ball? Al: Man vs. Girls Gone Wild? Drinking With The Stars? Mitch: The beer-ad royalties alone will be huge! Al: She's going to need her own network! June 30, 2010: Dana: I'm exhausted. I stayed up late for the midnight showing of the new "Twilight" movie. Al: You could have waited until the next day. It's not like the movie changes. Dana: Says the man who waited in a line for all of the Star Wars prequels. Al: You did not just compare the greatest movie trilogy of all time to glittery vampires! Dana: No, I said the prequels. Al: Ha ha. July 2, 2010: Al: Again with the horn? Kepler: Vuvuzela. It's time for the World Cup! Al: I thought that was over. Kepler: No... the U.S. is out, but there are still exciting quarterfinal games left! Al: Uh-huh. Do they score in this round? Kepler: At least once per game!