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Monday, April 15, 2002
Back in my day, we didn't need space suits...

Wednesday, April 17, 2002
Do not pass Space Go, Do not collect 200 Space Dollars...

Friday, April 19, 2002
But not the 'Red' or 'von Munchausen' kind...

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April 15, 2002: Dana: Our station has been here for years. Why is it taking the world so long to build the International Space Station? Al: Because it's being assembled by a couple of 'spacewaling grandfathers.' Dana: Well, that's ageist! What does that have to do with-- oh. You mean...? Al: Yep. "Matlock" breaks. Dana: They could just record it if they could get their VCRs to stop flashing 12:00. April 17, 2002: Will: The International Space Station now has a space railroad. Skip: Blast! Will: Why do you care? Skip: Dude, this spoils my chance of getting a the space railroad monopoly! Will: Are you pulling my leg? Skip: Now I'm going to have to build space hotels on space boardwalk! April 19, 2002: Al: What's with the top hat, Skip? Skip?! Helloooo-- Will: He doesn't answer to that name anymore. He thinks he's a tycoon-to-be getting in on the ground floor of the "space railroad empire." Al: So what are we supposed to call him? Will: Oh, "Baron." Skip: Yes, dude? Al: Oh, please.