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Monday, April 13, 2009
Find one near you on Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
You KNOW the rich can find them and you can't...


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April 13, 2009: Al: This year I've got the system beat. I'm gonna be in one of those tea parties to avoid having to pay taxes. Will: The tea party people are just protesting how much spending is going on, Al. They're still going to pay their taxes. Al (holding a sign that says 'honk if you're paying my mortgage!'): Poor, naive Will. I'll call you from the revolution headquarters! Will: Whatever. Just don't call me to come bail you out. April 15, 2009: Al: It turns out the tea parties don't get you out of doing your taxes. So here I am again. Skip: I love tax season, Dude! Al: I figured a trillionaire would hate April 15. What gives? Skip: Every year I get to see how good my accountants are at finding loopholes. Al: And how good are they? Skip: You might as well sign that check straight over to me.