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Monday, February 2, 2009
Cardinals beat the spread!  Would that be a moral victory?...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009
He's going to kick your f***** a**!...

Friday, February 6, 2009
Just call it the Geithner-Daschle tax plan...


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Feburary 2, 2009: Kepler: So I turned on the TV last night to watch this Super Bowl commercial show everyone keeps talking about but the most interesting thing on it was this football game they stuck right in the middle of it. Weird, huh? Al: Your story or you? Or both? Feburary 4, 2009: Skip: Dude, I hired Tom Daschle to help me with my taxes. Will: Skip, he's a tax cheat who almost got out of paying over $100,000... oh. I see. Still, how do you know he won't cheat you somehow, too? Skip: I hired Christian Bale to keep him in line. Christian Bale: (ranting) What the f*** is it with you?! What don't you f***in' understand?!! Feburary 6, 2009: Will: Did you get Tom Daschle to help you with your taxes? Skip: Nah, dude. I just decided not to pay them. Will: Skip, you can't not pay taxes. Skip: Sure I can! I'm not up for a cabinet position, so paying taxes is optional. Will: That's not how it works. Skip: It is now! And that is a change I can believe in!