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Vote Will Rockwood for President

Show your support for the Will Rockwood for president campaign! Currently, we only have items for your computer, but keep checking back for more in the future! Suggestions on what you'd like to see? Send them to!

Rockwood 2000 Web Buttons

Show your support on your web page! Add this attractive and colorful button to your web page and tell all the world who you plan to vote for in November. Simply cut-and-paste this code into your web page and it's automatic!

Rockwood 2000

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Rockwood 2000 Banners

Show your support by running a Rockwood 2000 ad! This standard-sized web advertisment highlights the differences between the politics of the past and the politics of the future. Let's show Washington, D.C. who's boss! Just cut-and-paste this code into your web page and it's automatic!

Will Rockwood for President in 2000

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Rockwood 2000 Desktop Wallpaper

Show your support at the home or office by using Rockwood 2000 Desktop Wallpaper! Just pick your platform and your screen size and download this colorful pro-Rockwood image right onto your desktop!

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Rockwood 2000

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